Thursday, 2 June 2016

Food education

Over the pat two years Iv been lucky to be invited by the home economics department of St Mary's Mallow secondary school for a fantastic programe the teachers initiated through the Bord bia future is food programe while they felt they couldn't fulfill the complete programe they started a great idea.
My first trip to the school each term I talk to the TY students about how and why I use local suppliers but more importantly explained what a local supplier was and the benefits of using them are followed by a tasting of the foods of some of the suppliers i use.

 The next challenge set by the teachers were for the young ladies to research a local supplier and develope a dish around the product and a cook off took place and a final group were picked 
The projects were great and the standard of cooking was superb the energy and knowledge of the students was fantastic and on every occasion the tough decision to pick a winner is tough but for me the winner is the pupils after completion of this project not alone can they cook a life skill everyone should have but they are aware of how important local producers are 

This is a simple project but it's results are clear home economics as a subject is a vital life skill but key to education in food 
I commend the Home Ec department in Saint Mary's for taking an idea that is so clever fun and rewarding in so many ways for everyone involved and such a joy to return each time to sample amazing locally produced food and feel that an impression has been made that will stay with these young ladies 

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