Tuesday 26 March 2019

Forgive me it's been too long since my last post

They do say a change is a good thing and after nearly two decades working on sheares Street I ventured over to the iconic Oyster Tavern where I spent 14 months working with another great crew, but an injury to my back had slowed me down and the relentlessness of a busy kitchen began to take its toll....

A bit like when we closed Fenns my body was telling me 60 hour weeks and long days were not where I needed to be I was being a busy fool but I don't know any different time management is not my strong point.

So a move to England was on the cards as Dan supported me through my career it was my time to join him and support him in his career and try and get my chef life on the path I want it to be.

We left Cork just after New year I miss not being able to walk down the street and bump into someone I know going for coffee and having the chat the Insperation of walking through the English Market on the way to work and picking up bits and pieces for specials going into the castle and having a chat with Mary and who ever might pop in on an evening.
When we travelled home for our wedding it was great to dip into my city Cork and soak it all up
Its tough going from a place where everyone knows you and what you do to a place where they don't know your coffee order or ask you hows it going?

I'm not the first person and I'm not the last but what it has opened my eyes to is what an amazing country we have when it comes to food and access to local food at affordable prices to our supermarkets that champion and show case the local producer to the fresh fish and amazing meat we have available to crisp companies that tell you the variety of spud to the person that cooked your crisp our farmers markets that are in accesable areas to the restaurants that are proud to promote the producers on  menus to show they are apart of the community.....

Apart from the people what I miss most is the food and the accessibility of good quality  food and being able to cook with it while I'm sure its here in the UK it's just not as in your face as it is at is in Ireland we have an amazing food movement and relationships between chefs and producers and it so well celebrated by Eurotoque, blas na hEireann, Food on the edge, board bia, failte Ireland, chef network, food festivals around the country and restaurants from North to South

May start that masters yet......

Thursday 29 June 2017

Smoked Beetroot

Ardsallagh goats cheese, smoked beets, salt baked beets, beetroot & cider reduction, walnuts, pickled shallots & raisins - all on one glorious plate.

Here are photos of us smoking our beets and of the final dish.

Thursday 22 June 2017

Our Take on "Brunch" Ice Cream Pops

We love creamy and crunchy together, which is what makes "Brunch Bars" so special. So, we made our own ice cream pops with a crunchy outside layer. Caramel, chocolate, creaminess. Here is how we made it.

Into the moulds the ice cream goes!

Time for the crumble topping.

Plated and ready for dessert.

Thursday 15 June 2017

FQ Fish Platter

If you have not enjoyed one of our fish platters, here is a peek at what it can be like. Each day, it is a slightly different offering based on what is freshest and in-season, but always with a creative and thoughtful approach.

What is your dream fish platter?

Thursday 8 June 2017

Our House-made Lemon Curd

Lemon curd. Taste of summer in every dollop. We like to put it with Mimi's gin & tonic dessert, but why not try it on your toast.

Made with just...
2 eggs
2 lemons
70g butter
160g sugar

Thursday 1 June 2017

A Year in the Life of Our Specials Board

We update our specials daily to work with the freshest ingredients, the season, and even the weather. Here are some of our boards from the last year. What is your dream meal from these options?

Thursday 25 May 2017

Recipe for Our Hard Cider Ice Pops

Make these Hard Cider ice pops in the morning perfect for the barbi or grill out later this evening.

400ml apple juice
250ml stock syrup
juice of 1 lemon
1 bottle Cork cider (substitute for nonalcoholic apple juice for kids)

1. Mix ingredients together. 
2. Pour into moulds and put on level surface in the freezer.
3. Pull out of the freezer gently after 90-120 minutes. Add the sticks. 

Here are photos of the process from when we made a batch last week... Orange and passion fruit with a hint of star anise.

1. Mix ingredients together. 

2. Pour into moulds and put on level surface in the freezer.

3. Pull out of the freezer gently after 90-120 minutes. Add the sticks. 

Ta-da! Now they're done.

Then we wrap ours in custom wrappers for take-away or dine-in.