Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New dishes

Being a chef gives your cauldron of creative thoughts on how foods should mix and marry to create wonderful works of art on a plate that not alone look good but also taste good in theory but reality ideas don't always work and dishes sometimes fail but this is where the specials board comes in it allows you scope to try and test something I may think is a dish amazing the public may disagree
Like with my latest want to add to the menu salt fish mousse the idea being salt fish has always been in Cork's English market have used it to make croquettes in the past and serve it with black pudding . 
So we're heading to the warmer time of the year and I do love a good mousse so we salted some hake and made a salt fish mousse delicious added some beetroot needed something else and capers were added must say I'm very happy with this dish but missing a bit of chrunch the team decided a brown bread tuile to garnish may do the trick and some of Kevin's sunflower shoots to make it pretty 

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