Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cork Food Week @fennsquay

I am a lover of Glenilen yoghurt's as much as i am their pots they put the yogurts in so much so i wanted to use them at Fenn's but what would do the jars justice ?
How would you use these pretty jars?

Iv now built up a little collection of them and cant bare to put them in the glass bin so here are some photographs of what iv done with my jars with a little help of my kitchen team.

Donal's poached rhubarb in an anise infused rhubarb jelly   
Gooseberry Jelly with upside down cheese cake

As you can see a pattern has developed with in our kitchen and these fabulous jars jelly looks great in them
and as we played with the types of jelly we put in  the jars we started experimenting with the custard that went with our jelly traditionally we went with the vanilla for the rhubarb but taking it a step further by adding a sheet of gelatine to it to stablise it and putting it into a siphon and charging it with the gas our result was good but not as frothy as we had hoped , with further reasearch we found a recipie for an infused custard with cinamon, anise, lemon zest and oranges zest it also used less egg yolks it tasted devine so we placed the cooled custard into the siphon and the perfect foam was produced that was full of flavour that married so well witht he elderflower and strawberry jelly . this custard is a traditional Catalan custard but we added the anise to intensify the flavour.
How would you infuse your custard ?

  Layered jelly & Catalan style custard  
Rhubarb jelly & vanilla custard          

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