Wednesday, 25 July 2012

At the reigns @fennsquay for 4 years

In June 2008 Pat & Elish handed over the quays I can remeber the last night service for them as if it was yesterday the final call on there many years at Fenns suddenly it was mein to look after to care for and what has been the biggest roller coaster of my life but I love every minute of it through the trials & tribulations everyday I turn the key or go into the kitchen and get to working with the people that make Fenns work I enjoy we support each other with a want to go forward with the future

To celebrate we invited regulars & suppliers to a little soirée where we celebrated the last four years in bringing good luck for the next four years we have wonderful customers who we love to see Fenn's has been through floods and survived and we have hope and faith to survive through the recession. Oh and that's me in the photo wearing a dress with Miro in chef jacket my right hand man. Also there is a picture of me Pen & my cousin Bevina the next generation of Fenn's


  1. Congratulations, again, on your first 4 years, Kate. As two of your newest "regulars", we were only too delighted to be part of your celebration & thank you for asking us. Continued success to you and the team.

  2. Congratulations on four years!