Sunday, 22 April 2012

@biasasta Blind fold tasting menu night @fennsquay 17th April 2012

Elke O' Mahony approached me to create a menu for a blind fold tasting event with 7 courses i jumped at the chance.
The challenge was to create a menu that appealed to the senses as the customer would not know what they were eating until after a few bites , with wonderful products to use it came easy to get the menu together.

so we begin with the first course chicken liver parfait on toasted brioche & a caramel shard , i choose this because of the richness of the pate the crunch of the caramel & brittleness of the brioche
the second course was home smoked Jasmine tea salmon pickled cucumber with trout caviar , the salmon was silky and had a perfume aroma from the Jasmin, the cucumber had a sharpness to it and a burst of the sea from the goats bridge caviar 
the third course butternut squash soup with a rosemary and hazelnut powder , the soup is silky smooth and the powder just adds another dimension to the dish and tantalises the taste buds

 the fourth course beef rump steak with horseradish mash, rocket, Parmesan & rosemary & lemon dressing
trying to see if the customers could tell what cut of beef i had used and what flavour was going through the mash .
the fifth course was pims made with ginger beer and a cucumber foam a nice refreshing drink in the middle of the 7 courses 
for the sixth course we had ardsallagh goats cheese, olive & honey with a ginger crumble , quality local ingredients married with the tastiness of olives and honey 
and to end the meal we finished with lemon tart with marscapone cream & popping candy the sensation of the candy popping in the mouth and the tartiness of the lemon were just perfect to end the evening 

 it was a wonderful evening Elke O'Mahony hosted the event wonderfully she is a member of slow food cork and hosts events regularly she can be found on twitter @biassasta or biasasta on facebook it was a pleasure to work with someone who has such enthusiasm for wonderful local produce and food

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