Monday, 23 April 2012

attempting hestons jasmine tea smoked salmon

iv never cured and smoked my own salmon so if Heston can i can so i set too it with my two sides of salmon so of my ingredients i had to pop next door to gurmans tea & coffee shop to get some jasmine tea leaves
so i soaked the leaves and got my herbs together i used tarragon and dill and got a mix of smoked sea salt , sea salt and sugar together 
the salmon was coated in the tea leaves and then set on a bed of the salt & herb mix and then coated with the salt and herb mixed and wrapped and left for 16 hours in the fridge to cure .

the next day the fun begins !! the salmon is washed down and let to dry off in the fridge .

the next part of the process is assembling your smoking unit i used a deep tray with baking racks inserted in it , under neath the racks i inserted trays of ice  and either end of the tray little trays of tea leaves and placed the salmon on the racks and began to light up the tea leaves

smoked the salmon for 35 minutes by sealing the container then turned the salmon and repeated the process again !!! the results are amazing i will be buying myself a proper smoker !! its a process well worth trying and i think i will experiment with other teas and flavours and herbs and different fish give it a go you will be surprised i promise


  1. i guess I must have screwed up the smoking process, but can't figure out where/how. It's quite simple!

    by smoking I lost all the aroma given by the tea leaves, and smoking of the tea leaves didn't itself give you a hint of what the smoke source was

    also the smoke flavour isn't particularly nice - was a very generic, strong smell of burnt leaves (eg that smell you get when burning garden leaves). No way of knowing it was actually tea leaves originally

    1. just googled "cold smoking" and one guide explains that when cold smoking, you don't want a thick heavy cloud of smoke. That's exactly what I had. Apparently it should be a very light smoke