Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Making Pate the Heston way !! Note to all: Buy a digital thermometer and away you go

I recently purchased Heston at home and what a book it certainly lives up to expectations with wonderful photography and exciting recipes new methods and an education on the siencie bits , where to start was my issue so i began with the flick through the read through and flick through again !! did this help on a decision no not one bit !
A hint if there is one recipe in the book that is a recipe similar to one you have done before for instance i picked the chicken liver parfait , something i have made many times before but Hestons method is different so familiar with the base ingredients but not the method.
 The methods seem long and difficult a tip here is to read the method twice and make your own bullet points .

the other reason i decided to do this is the method is designed for a waterbath which i don't have but Heston gives you the alternative method using the freezer bag and it works 

 in the recipe i replaced the white port and and brandy with Pedro Ximenez sherry so it is possible to change bits and pieces and experiment with flavours in this recipe ,
so i set to work reducing the liquor and following and rechecking the recipe constantly your almost nervous that you may mess up that the constant rechecking is done . As a chef when using another chefs recipes you almost want to find a flaw in the recipe or try and find a way to change it and make it your own

what is obvious about this parfait is that it is smooth and velvety and so tasty as i decanted it into its ramekins and placed in the oven to Cook i wished it luck and hoped fro the best that i had followed the recipe and it would all come together and had the temperature probe ready to hand
 true to the recipe once it hit 62c the parfait were set . now what to pair it with we make our own wonderful apple chutney and for toast i made a wonderful seaweed brioche

this is a book that is must for the person who wants to learn more about food or improve there skills and knowledge of methods and food this dish why not too sciencey but a good introduction to the way Heston works with food its a book that hooks you in and gets the mind working in an exciting way !!

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