Monday, 26 November 2012

Citrusy zing with your breakfast

Lemon curd is a zesty zingy curd which is quite simple to make and wonderful on toast. I use a recipe from the first cookbook from the cliff house hotel in Ardmore Co. Waterford many curd recipies are very similar using 2 eggs, 2 lemon juiced , 190g sugar and 90g butter.
In the cliff to make it that bit more luxurious as the hotels surroundings they use the addition of saffron.
I omit the saffron as it is as expensive as gold per weight .

Whilst cooking the curd in my metal bowl on a pot at simmering water whisking the above mentioned ingredients flavours began to go through my mind, the addition of flavours such as elderflower , lavender, rosemary to name but a few would wonderfully enhance the curd.

What flavours do you think can enhance the curd ?


  1. We always enjoyed a lemon and sage sorbet in Italy, so, do you think a tiny bit of sage would work, Kate? Love lemon curd myself :)

  2. I haven't made lemon curd in years but was thinking about it earlier - you may have convinced me to try it again Kate!