Friday, 22 February 2013

Here something to do with your lentils

An easy dish to serve up for a dinner party as a lot of the work can be done hours in advance of service.

•Firstly prep your scallops if not done already by removing elastic like film that runs around the scallop remove the white muscle and set coral aside (keep it if you enjoy it ) refrigerate until needed

•Rinse off your lentils place in a pot with a small handful of dried mushrooms fill with water and cook until soft drain and set aside

• dice up small a leek, carrot, celery & fennel and place in a pot with 25g butter and sauté on a low heat then add 75ml of veg stock and simmer until veg is al Dante

•To put the dish together gently warm a non stick pan place a little but of butter and a drop of olive oil in the pan season your scallops and when the butter froths add your scallops cool for under a minute or until it begins to colour then turn and add some veg and lentils and move about in the pan then squeeze some lemon juice and taste for seasoning & serve on a warm plate with a sprinkle of a herb you enjoy

• VEG CRISPS add some crunch to this dish we use parsnip shaved with a peeler or Jerusalem artichoke sliced fine on a mandolin .

To cook preheat frier to 180c
Pat dry the veg with tissue place in basket and lower with a spoon gently & carefully move them about until the begin to colour once done remove on to a tissue toss in salt and set aside until needed.

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