Sunday, 25 November 2012

Welly with a difference

The traditional dish of beef Wellington is a great winter dish with richness of the beef the earthy flavours of the mushrooms and the buttery puff pastry served with a glass of red wine perhaps a merlot or a monte pullciano .

Cooking is all about experimenting finding out what works what doesn't work.

Venison is a wonderfully flavoured and rich and a good substitute for beef .

With plenty of wild mushrooms about it only seems right that they are paired together or do as I do get them from Ballhyhoura mushrooms, in this dish I used shiitake mixed with some sauté onion, toasted,walnuts, almonds butter and bread crumbs.

To keep in with the seasons I made a butternut squash purée with shallot chicken stock and infused with thyme and rosemary.

I used the loin of venison which is nice and tender I received it on the bone so I could make a venison stock reduce it and make a reduction with port and finished with dark chocolate .

I paired the wellington with red cabbage with cider vinegar and apples and brown sugar .

What ways do you cook venison ?

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  1. Not as commonly found in Los Angeles as it is there and in other parts of USA, but I would like to taste more of it! Sounds delicious and i love Beef Welly