Monday, 9 April 2012

"Chef Du Jour cook off @fennsquay sunday 29th April 2012

Chef Paul with me Nick & Olivier    
 i recently welcomed two more cooks into my kitchen for Chef du Jour 2012 Paul Axford and Sarah O'Riordan took up the challange of creating preparing and serving a four course menu to paying customers. I really enjoyed working with both of them the days seemed to fly and the standard of food and service was exceptional. this year there was a place in the cook off up for grabs against last years winner Jeni Pim. The judges had a tough time on deciding a winner but Sarah was awarded 4 1/2 stars and Paul 3 1/2 stars

chef Sarah with me Nick & Olivier

the Judges Billy Lyons Evin O' Keefe& Margaret Smith

so on the 29th of April i will welcome Jeni & Sarah to Fenns to produce there 4 course menu the judges will award the stars to both on there menus it promises to be a great night of fine food a chance to meet fellow foodies the four course menu will be €36 to book your spot  call Fenns on 021 4279527

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  1. edit on the post and apologeese to Paul he recieved 4 Stars not 3&1/2... Sorry Paul