Thursday, 20 September 2012

Majorcan wine well worth trying when you visit the island

For several years I have been taking a weeks holidays to Majorca with family to an area north of the island called C'an Pica Fort in the bay of Alcudia , a very relaxed area and a fantastic beach, over the years we have tried to stay with the local style restaurants & discover the Majorcan wines . They are light and fruity but tend to be high in alcohol due to the hot climate but vary from year depending on rain fall etc. in the white wines they use moll, chardonnay and macabeo. The reds are made with calley cabernet and merlot generally. Here are a few snap shots of wines I tried this year all I would recommend.

Majorca also has a tradition of producing vinegars such as balsamic , olive oils, capers (that have healing properties), peppers, aubergienes, tomatoes & almonds are a main crop on the island.

A 2 hour flight from Cork and many places to visit on the island that are tranquil & beautiful. I find this time of the year best to go as it not to hot but still you get your dose of vitamin D for the winter months.

Tip if your in a local restaurant they may have their own brew herbas a liquer made with Lemon grass, camomile, rosemary, lemon balm and fennel truely an experience

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