Tuesday 18 June 2013

Wild Irish samphire or sea asparagus

It's that time of year again when Michelle pops her head into the kitchen with a surprise and that is samphire or sea asparagus I wait eagerly every year for it asking Michelle every time she pops in with the sea spinach & rock samphire has it grown yet. Today was the day when she surprised me with it so luscious and green giving it a wash I couldn't wait to taste. New staff were puzzled and old staff were excited we all tasted it raw with its crisp exterior and its sea water taste the food of summer had arrived .

As specials were already done this evening I choose to use as a garnish with the cod so i flashed fried it with a drop of olive oil and finished with some of my wild garlic & sea weed butter and places it on top of the crispy skin delicious 

If you are lucky to find a patch of samphire keep it to yourself or even better tell me. It is the most flavoursome of the sea veg and a perfect match to all fish the season is short so enjoy it while you can


  1. FAB FAB FAB! Eating it now with some beautiful prawns, soft bread and crab claws in Soulful Bistro. Its an amazing addition to dishes.

  2. Hello,
    where and when can I find it? Do you have other pictures please?