"The menu offers plenty of choices and value, and the theme is very much find it localtreat it well andserve honest to goodness food." – Paolo Tullio
"Bold, creative dishes furnish — but do not overwhelm — the menu…" – The New York Times

Take a Punt on Fenn's – Cork Independent (August 2012)

Seeing RedCork Independent (August 2012)

Festival of Foxiness in Crosshaven – Cork Independent (August 2012)

Brunch with a Cork flavour – Sunday Business Post (July 2012)

Where To Eat: Fenn's Quay Restaurant – The New York Times

Cork Food Week Launched – Cork Independent (August 2012)

Battling It Out for Best Scone – Cork Independent (July 2012)

Just a taste at Fenn's Quay – The Cork News (July 2012)

Just Desserts – Cork Independent (July 2012)

I'll Eat My Way to Finding the Best Scone in Ireland Evin's Cooking Peas & Qs (July 2012)

Foodie Focus  – Cork Independent (June 2012)

€2 Tasters Liven Up the MonthIrish Examiner (June 2012)

Competition heats up in the Fenn's Quay kitchen – The Cork News (April 2012)

Fenns Quay to host chef du jour competition – Cork Independent (November 2011)

Restaurant reviews: Paolo Tullio at Fenn's Quay, Cork – The Independent (July 2011)

Cork Gourmet Trail  – Cork Independent (June 2011)

Kitchen Confidential  The Cork News  (May 2011)

15 Cork foodies to follow on Twitter  The Cork News  (May 2011)

More Cork foodies to follow on Twitter  The Cork News  (May 2011)

Fenn's Quay rhubarb parfait – Cork Independent (April 2011)

Fenn's Quay, Cork - RIAI – Irish Architecture Awards (1996-1998)

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